Local Government Management Association – How to Make a Personal Connection through Storytelling

October 2020, Victoria

Improve your communications across all channels through the art of storytelling.

We now have countless technologies and ways to share information, yet the age-old tool of storytelling is still the best way to make a personal connection so people tune in to what you are saying. Join Cynthia Lockrey, an instructor with extensive local government and corporate training experience, for this 90-minute webinar to learn how to weave the art of storytelling into your communications.

Participants will learn:

  • how storytelling changes the way our brain processes and connects with information;
  • the elements of an impactful story;
  • the role of emotions and facts to help ensure different personality types make a connection; and
  • how to integrate storytelling in your social media, presentations, emails, meetings and more to improve your communications style.